Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – Game 6 – Juji

See The Full Show www.youtube.com You can play to @ pokemontcg.com Want Pokemon cards? Then check out thetoybase.com Want cheap Pokemon Booster Pack Codes? Then Check out: thetoybase.com Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – Game 6 – Juji Below is my Basic Blue Deck List Pokemon: 3x Squirtle 3x Totodile 3x Croconaw 1x Feraligatr 4x Horsea 2x Seadra 1x Kingra 3x Teddiursa 4x Eevee 3x Vaporeon Trainer: 2x Interviewer’s Questions 1x Full Heal 2x Pokemon Circulator 2x Potion Supporter: 2x Bill 2x Engineer’s Adjustments Energy: x22 Water I unlocked Ursaring for winning. Check out the links below: Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: facebook.com My Secretary: youtube.com

The 20 Best Hockey Goals ever seen!

The Best Hockey Goals i have ever seen. All videos are made before the season 2006 so they aren’t the newest, but the best! Music: Chesney Hawks – I am the One and only Players in Order of the Movie: – Conny Stroemberg – Darren McCarty – Japan National Team (own goal) – Jeff Shantz – Jozef Balej – Mike legg – Owen Nolan – Pavel Bure – Pavel Bure – Pavel datsyuk – Peter Schäfer – Rene Corbert – Rob Hisey – Ron Hextall – Steve Sullivan – Steve Yzerman – Steve Yzerman – Thomas Popiesch – Czech National Team – Valeri Kamensky Edit 2008-05-23: WOW! 1 Million Views!!! Edit 2008-09-01: Over 1.5 Million Views! Edit 2009-02-17: Unbelivable 2.5 Million Views 😀 ..and by the way, the goals aren’t in a special order…

Ryan Giggs -Top 11 Goals

Please follow @RyanGiggsStats on Twitter: tiny.cc || 12/7/2011 #62 – Top Rated (All Time) – Sport – Netherlands || Ryan Giggs scored so many great goals for Manchester United. This is my top 11: 11. Coventry City – 28 December 1992 10. Juventus – 1 October 1997 9. Juventus – 25 February 2003 8. Leeds United – 27 April 1994 7. Chelsea – 21 October 1995 6. Coventry City – 18 January 1997 5. Manchester City – 6 April 1996 4. Barnsley – 25 October 1997 3. QPR – 5 February 1994 2. Tottenham Hotspur – 19 September 1992 1. Arsenal- 14 April 1999 Music: The Killers – All These Things I’ve Done Please watch my latest video: Ryan Giggs, A Perfect Footballer

FIFA 12 | Top 5 Goals of the Week #29

Give a Like for these BEAST goals please 🙂 WINNER: www.youtube.com 2nd: www.youtube.com 3rd: www.youtube.com 4th: www.youtube.com 5th: www.youtube.com My Twitter: twitter.com Send your best goals to Top5goals@hotmail.co.uk Music By: The Qemists – Your Revolution [Reso Remix] For more music by The Qemists, visit www.theqemists.com and Music Sway – Level Up DOWNLOAD IT NOW!! – itunes.apple.com Music Video: www.youtube.com Sway’s twitter page @SwayUK Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/swaypage Website: www.swayuk.com

Battlefield 3 Online Gameplay – Review aka First Look On The Final Game Long New Video

My facebookl www.facebook.com Battlefield 3 online gameplay commentery and Battlefield 3 Battlefield 3 online gameplay Battlefield 3 online gameplayBF3 BB3 online gameplay live commentery. If you have any questions about Battlefield 3 and its gameplay online feal free to post a comment 😉 Battlefield 3 gameplay battlefield 3 online gameplay battlefielf 3 multiplayer sniper www.facebook.com online game play commentery and Battlefield online gameplay live commentery. If you have any questions about Battlefield 3 and its gameplay online feal free to post a comment 😉 Battlefield 3 gameplay battlefield 3 online gameplay battlefielf 3 multiplayer sniper

Dennis Bergkamp – All 120 Goals

Follow me at – twitter.com CopyrightDisclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. It is not to be used for copying and selling. No copyright infringement intended. This is the start of a series I am planning to do where I show every goal and every assist from legends of Arsenal Football Club. Here’s my tribute to one of the greatest players to ever grace Arsenal and The Premier League. This video captures all 120 of Dennis Bergkamp’s magnificent goals for the club, in order, how they should be seen! Credit to www.youtube.com who inspired me with his wonderful ideas and videos. Also a big credit to twitter.com who helped me obtain the clips I just couldn’t find. I hope everyone enjoys this, it took a lot of time and effort! My website – www.cwdailygooner.com Songs – Oltremare by Ludovico Einaudi – The Promise by Michael Nyman – Andare by Ludovico Einaudi