Robin Van Persie – The Centurion (All 100 goals)

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25 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie – The Centurion (All 100 goals)

  1. What with winning the league with a mix of young and experienced players we’ve never really spent big on players

  2. united fan? okay. goodbye. dont talk to me about ruining football when youre a united fan.

  3. Actually i’m a Man United fan… and Real Madrid ruined Van Der Vaart, Arjen Robben, Reyes they play better now that they’re out of Madrid

  4. and how is buying good players ruining football? its called having depth. Name a player madrid have bought for no reason. I wouldnt talk about kaka, look at arshavin! arsenal ruined him.

    Its funny how you bring up that game 2 YEARS AGO when only last year you lost to united 8-2. Now madrid won the la liga and arsenal have… nothing. again.

  5. Madrid do ruin football, they buy all the big stars some of them end up being useless until they move club 9 CL trophies may prove you have history but as a club your just as bad as Man City , splashing the cash also Kaka isn’t as good now Real Madrid have ruined him as well as that for a team with stars how did you get destroyed by Barcelona 5-0 2 seasons ago?

  6. He hasn’t left arsenal, he might but you can say anything why would he go to a league like serie a it’s not a good league anymore.

  7. well, thats fantastic. but they were linked to arsenal. doesnt matter if they were signed or not.

    Madrid dont ruin football. we are NOT city. 9 CL trophies proves we have history.