Ronaldinho ● European History ● PSG ● Barcelona ● Milan

Ronaldinho’s history during his ten years in Europe. All his best skills and goals palying by Paris Saint Gemain, Barcelona and Milan. Beautiful days from Ronnie. Some informations about this compilation: Games on: Ligue 1, UEFA Cup, League Cup, France Cup, La Liga, UEFA Champions…

21 thoughts on “Ronaldinho ● European History ● PSG ● Barcelona ● Milan

  1. Brilliant vid! Especially the beginning of the barca and milan parts. Check out my Ronaldinho sticky note animations 

  2. Indeed, write in English!, and dont write back to me in German like i dont understandt what youre Saying, because i do, i know your language! and i speak it idiot

  3. ENGLISH DUDE!, he is writing in ENGLISH, why are you germans always talking in your own language, this in Youtube, ENGLISH! Du Swein!

  4. klaro ich habe mit ronaldinho mal fußball taniert ich hab in mal gefragt ob er wieder fc barcelona zurück kommt dann sagte ronaldinho zu mir des gerne kommnen will aber die traniers lässenihn nicht gehen

  5. a player with such talent will always be in memory the maestro the player that always was enjoyable to watch he captured the harts of millions with his unique style and skills he puts his hart on every trick he puts the street skills on the match he is the (rey de copas) the king of hearts a true legend in every club he was a great player so no club will forget him he is ((Ronaldo De Assis Moreira)) or better known as RONALDINHO the magician

  6. Either messi or cristiano ronaldo are the best players in the world …. because Messi+Cristiano Ronaldo= Ronaldinho!!

  7. am even sad how could barca release such a great legend ? he shd ve retired there so that all new generations will see him .GOD BLESS U Dino !!!!!!!!


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