20 thoughts on “DC Universe Online – Cinematic Trailer (Comic-Con ’10)

  1. @chrls000171 Well you heros camp at places where beginner villains have to do stuff and it’s sad and pathetic that the level 30 villains kick your ass if you want to battle someone battle someone that’s about close to level30 and don’t camp at beginner places

  2. but dc kick marvel ass…. dc comics icons r so much better then marvells!
    if justice league vs avengers JL will kick ass

  3. Next time you get into a pvp match and are wrecked by the villain team, take a look below all the players names. I promise you that 9 out of 10 times they are usually apart of the same league.

  4. Villains aren’t necessarily better but because there are less villains than heroes, their queue times for pvp matches are a lot faster, thereby allowing them to join a queue with a their friends or a league. Heroes are forced to queue alone since it already takes forever for them to get into a match by themselves and will only take llonger if they try and join with a group.


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