The ManDroid Show #19: TSF Shell Launcher gave me a face lift

Hello my Android friends. Thank you as always for clicking into another episode of the ManDroid Show. Love you guys. Leave a comment down below with anything you want to talk about or a hot nerdy you want me to showcase. 🙂 Website: Twitter: Facebook: G+ page: Other AT&T wants to charge developers: AT&T pulling back on throttling unlimited users: CM9 rebranded to Apollo: TSF Shell Launcher released: Healthey does of Samsung Galaxy S III rumors: Samsung Galaxy S III to have 4.8 display: HTC VIvid getting ICS update: ASUS padfone 3-in-1: Samsung Beam projection phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 announced: T-Mobile getting HTC one: Samsung announces Galaxy Tab 10. 2: AT&T getting the HTC one X: Erncon Beta multiplayer shooter: Unofficial VLC video player: Beats Audio mod for all Gingerbread ROMs: ICS camera without ICS:

Game Of Thrones “Iron Throne” Clip Preview

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