24 thoughts on “TSF Shell Pro Launcher on the Galaxy Nexus

  1. I had Gnex from January until a few days ago I broke it .. (I changed to GSIII)

    While watching this video :

    Notification sound

    Me : “Ahh I have an email”, and I checked my GSIII (Without realizing that I am not using G nexus again) and … Huh???

    Continue watching until I heard the second notification sound

    Me : huh?? Paused the video. Checking my phone again … Nothing? .. Wait .. WTH .. I am using GSIII now.. OMG!!


  2. which is better? SPB Shell 3d or this app? I currently have SPB Shell 3d which costs $15 and I dont wanna buy another homescreen replacement for $17 unless i know its worth getting rid of SPB Shell 3d

  3. It’s just tsf shell…not pro…
    You forgot to die the folders cool dragging thingy and the rotating memo…
    1.4.2 let you swipe between home screens… And have 3d transitions and if you swipe fast you get that sense roulette!
    Normal scrolling ics widgets have huge 1 sec delay but all other stuff are 60 fps even on my defy!

  4. Anybody recognise the keyboard he’s using? Seems nice and simple/fnctional with a big space bar. Need a bigger space bar >< Thanks

  5. SPB 3d shell is pretty close to the same price. so uhh can’t really complain about the price. also some apps are getting to be up there in price too, so for a home screen, if you like it, it’s not that bad. I’d be more pissed about having to pay like $2 dollars for minor theme changes after paying 17 dollars haha

  6. Right Ladies and gents, please find a cheeky link to this app for FREE, have just downloaded and its awesome!!!!! 4shared.com/q/CCAD/1/TSF.apk

  7. Cheers for review gonna get me this ….was using spb shell but that got kinda shit after a while

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  9. these noobs talk too much shit. I never get to watch the whole video because I get bored with the bullshit talk… just get on with it

  10. Awesome, but no way I’m paying $17 for this app. It had a lot of cool function but I can see right away that it’s less functional for me than stock or even Nova launcher.

  11. Take a look at this game on Googleplay “GATE DEFENDERS”.Is a new tower defence and trust me is one of THE BEST games of 2012 out there, works perfect on my galaxy s2, try it is just amazing!! HAVE FUN GUYS!

  12. Use zepplinrox’s supercharger scripts. Will speed any device up! I am running ICS on my galaxy S and getting 3000+ scores across the board on just about all performance testers and not even over clocked 😉 sent him a $15 donation without hesitation


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