FIFA STREET Bayern München vs. PSG “5 vs. 5” Gameplay Video

CGRtrailers, from Classic Game Room®, presents FIFA STREET gameplay video featuring Bayern München versus PSG. This short little bit of gameplay footage shows a five-on-five street football match between Bayern Munchen and PSG. FIFA Street comes out on March 13, 2012 for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360 consoles. Enjoy! Check out more video game trailers from Classic Game Room’s CGRtrailers at Get more Classic Game Room on Facebook at

Classic Game Room – THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’95 for PS3 review

Classic Game Room reviews THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’95 for PS3 available for download on the Neo Geo Station for Playstation 3 from Playstation Network. KOF 95 looks sharp, vibrant and high contrast with solid NeoGeo style visuals and familiar 2D fighting videogame gameplay. SNK released numerous King of Fighters games on their Neo Geo platforms like Neo-Geo CD, Neo Geo AES and Neo Geo MVS (as well as for other platforms like Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn). This CGR video review of The King of Fighters 95 from SNK has gameplay from The King of Fighters ’95 on Playstation 3 on their NeoGeo Station for PS3.

Classic Game Room – MERCS Sega Genesis review

Classic Game Room reviews MERCS for Sega Genesis released in 1991 by Capcom. Based on the MERCS arcade machine from 1990, this Sega Genesis (Sega Mega Drive) version of MERCS has similar gameplay with an arcade mode and original mode but lacks the 2-3 player co-op game play that makes these kinds of games great. As this is the spiritual successor to Commando (also from Capcom), fans of Commando and Ikari Warriors should enjoy MERCS’ reliable top down shooter gameplay where you run and shoot in the same direction. Fight waves of mindless enemies, burn people with a flamethrower and combat giant end bosses, MERCS delivers wall to wall action. This CGR video review of Capcom’s MERCS has gameplay from the Sega Genesis (Sega Megadrive) MERCS showing MERCS arcade style shooting videogame action.

Classic Game Room – HANG ON GP ’95 Sega Saturn review

Classic Game Room reviews HANG ON GP ’95 for Sega Saturn from 1995, a motorcycle racing game that plays like Hang On mixed with Virtua Racing. Race bikes in this Sega arcade style racing game with a Virtua Racing feel where you compete against other bikes on several tracks to win races while also hitting checkpoints in time. CGR video review of Hang On GP has HangOn GP gameplay on Sega Saturn showing in game footage of Sega’s arcade mixed with a virtua sim style motorcycle racing videogame.

Classic Game Room – HAL 21 review

Classic Game Room reviews HAL 21, a Playstation Mini for PS3 & PSP from SNK Playmore. This arcade SHMUPS style space ship shooter from SNK was released in 1985 and should appeal to fans of Namco’s Xevious. This insanely difficult vertical scrolling SHMUP space ship shooter on Playstation 3 (and PSP) has an old school “Xevious” style with basic weapons and bombs for ground targets. Enemy patterns are fast and erratic and players will need to memorize and shoot for points and extra lives to stay alive. Sadly HAL 21 does not have 2 player co-op gameplay, even though it says so on the screen. No two player coop gameplay in a space ship shooter!? Boo! Aside from that Hal 21 is a solid, affordable videogame with explosions, space ships and laser beams with ultra-challenging gameplay on PS3 and PSP.

Classic Game Room – THE ASSKICKERS for PC review

Classic Game Room reviews THE ASSKICKERS for PC from This old school inspired side scrolling beat-em-up has gameplay reminiscent of Streets of Rage, Double Dragon and River City Ransom (among others like Final Fight and Gekido). Beat up enemies by punching them and kicking them with one of three different good guys. Team up with a friend, play four different difficulty settings and even plow through a survival mode. The Asskickers may not replace your Streets of Rage 2 game cartridge but it may kick some ass on your laptop. This CGR video review has gameplay from The Asskickers on PC showing Asskicker game play 2D sidescrolling action.