The 20 Best Hockey Goals ever seen!

The Best Hockey Goals i have ever seen. All videos are made before the season 2006 so they aren’t the newest, but the best! Music: Chesney Hawks – I am the One and only Players in Order of the Movie: – Conny Stroemberg – Darren McCarty – Japan National Team (own goal) – Jeff Shantz – Jozef Balej – Mike legg – Owen Nolan – Pavel Bure – Pavel Bure – Pavel datsyuk – Peter Schäfer – Rene Corbert – Rob Hisey – Ron Hextall – Steve Sullivan – Steve Yzerman – Steve Yzerman – Thomas Popiesch – Czech National Team – Valeri Kamensky Edit 2008-05-23: WOW! 1 Million Views!!! Edit 2008-09-01: Over 1.5 Million Views! Edit 2009-02-17: Unbelivable 2.5 Million Views 😀 ..and by the way, the goals aren’t in a special order…

25 thoughts on “The 20 Best Hockey Goals ever seen!

  1. Ps it is more than evidently clear that there is more than just one difference, football rarely uses the hand, no stick, no hard man pads, oh and no ICE. Lol

  2. @ dsheaffer3660, in England, football (the game you play with your feet, hence the name) is, or was, a game for the working class created maybe more than a good few hundred years ago, used to be full contact sport however since the sport was adapted by the likes of Spain, Italy and south America it has turned into a gay parade, I agree with you. Growing up as a kid and looking at how the kids play here in the street as an Englishman we see it as a sign of weakness to get hurt as well as a sour

  3. There’s one major difference between hockey and “football”.  In hockey, when you get hit, you get up and get back into the play, not act like you just got paralyzed and lay on the ground until the ref gives a yellow card to the other team. I might actually start liking soccer someday if they ever crack down on the injury faking.

  4. Is it not American.? Canadian then.? My bad sorry! It looks to me in my opinion like a sport that would be more fun to play rather than watch!! I’m from England and football is the sport that dominates the globe or “soccer” to the isolated few!

  5. Any list of all-time greatest goals has to have THE most famous goal in NHL history: Bobby Orr flying through the air after winning the Cup. Just a future FYI.

  6. NHL is much better than NBA because there are hardly any niggers. Those guys belong in a zoo not a sports arena.


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