Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – Game 6 – Juji

See The Full Show www.youtube.com You can play to @ pokemontcg.com Want Pokemon cards? Then check out thetoybase.com Want cheap Pokemon Booster Pack Codes? Then Check out: thetoybase.com Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – Game 6 – Juji Below is my Basic Blue Deck List Pokemon: 3x Squirtle 3x Totodile 3x Croconaw 1x Feraligatr 4x Horsea 2x Seadra 1x Kingra 3x Teddiursa 4x Eevee 3x Vaporeon Trainer: 2x Interviewer’s Questions 1x Full Heal 2x Pokemon Circulator 2x Potion Supporter: 2x Bill 2x Engineer’s Adjustments Energy: x22 Water I unlocked Ursaring for winning. Check out the links below: Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: facebook.com My Secretary: youtube.com

18 thoughts on “Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – Game 6 – Juji

  1. Corey I love ur video but u should have not quit the gamevids channel u had a lot more subs and would have made a lot more money

  2. Hi Corey you didn’t answer my question in the other video 😀 when they say Major League Gaming is it like a real crew/team or does it mean like really good gamer?


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