Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Online GAME #4 ‘CONQUEST: Panama Canal [1/2]’ TRUE-HD QUALITY

►► Remember to select 720p HD◄◄ [Part 1/2] Online Game #4, playing the mode ‘CONQUEST’ on the map ‘Panama Canal’. This mode you must capture all the bases while taking out enemies (like Domination in Modern Warfare 2). This map has 4 bases (A, B, C & D) while some of the smaller maps only have 3 bases (A, B & C). Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360 & PC Published by: Electronic Arts Developed by: Digital Illusions CE (DICE) Genre: First-Person Shooter Release Date: US: March 2, 2010 EU: March 5, 2010 AU: March 11, 2010

21 thoughts on “Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Online GAME #4 ‘CONQUEST: Panama Canal [1/2]’ TRUE-HD QUALITY

  1. Honest as i ever will be.long story short,took me 11 hours to download the game data onto my ps3 for the first time,wich i hated..anyways.been a fan of COD..just COD mw2 and MW3,i hated black ops,anyways,i love this game.i take 2 dabs of my bong,put on my headset.and
    Just dozed off
    War.its real,in every aspect.exceptthe grenade.. Very real.and then it hit me,i said “MW3 is for faggots” ….havent touched mw3 since.BATTLEFIELD 2 BABY!!!! All the way!!!

  2. @f1restein… Not true!
    If u buy it used, the online pass has already been used. That means u have to go to the PS3 store to purchase your own online access code. It cost bout 6 – 10 bucks but worth it cause u get extra maps.

  3. Well let’s say that BC2 has more a few things that are more realistic than BF3, but not all. Trust me though BF3 is more realistic but BC2.

  4. Man, BF3 would be more better if it had more destruction, and all that stuff, and what mostly ruined it was CoD players camping at their enemies bases in a helicopter waiting for a jet to spawn and destroy it, and also trying to kill people with that flying robot toy. But the game is awesome, I just like BC2 better.

  5. Has anyone noticed how this is more realistic than Battlefield 3?
    I mean, into the grass sounds legit. And the gun effects sound better.
    I may be wrong though :/


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