23 thoughts on “앨리샤 – Alicia Online game play

  1. god the horses are BEAUTIFUL AND the graphics are just AMAZING I wish south korea would transport this game to ALL of the Gamestops in AMERICA!!!! I WOULD BE SO FREAKING HAPPY I COULD JUST DIE!!

  2. I’ve been waiting to play this for, what feels like, years! It’s been at least one year anyway!

    I love the look of this game! It’s like Mario Kart but with horses (and more graphics). All other horse racing games are either too girly or dull ‘betting office’ type racing!

    I don’t suppose there are any kind and generous Koreans (who are not interested in playing this game) that are willing to set up an account for me out there, are there?

  3. hi!
    I loved your videos and love alicia but I can not play online .. I have installed on my computer I play naoconsigo account but ….. I’m about to give up
    if you can help me or whatever
    prescisa not even answer me but ….
    I ask for help if you help me I would not have words to describe what you did for me.
    I’m behind this game 2 years! and had made ​​some progress but now to know what to do …
    (if you are interest.im give details)
    please …
    obs:i have a account

  4. This person play this game in korean(as you see) and still there’s no english version of it. If you really want to play it just make an account in korean game..it would be hard to understand anything since you’re not korean.


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