Advanced Fayde Shot Tutorial | TSF

What do you guys think about a top 5 kill cam series? Upload your clips and send them as a PM to us with the subject “TOP 5”. If we get enough entries, we will upload them! Also, if you want to help us out, click on this link and bump us up! You might have to search for TrickShotFactory. Can we try and reach 25 bumps?

18 thoughts on “Advanced Fayde Shot Tutorial | TSF

  1. its funny how he gets every shot me well…lets just say it would probably take about 3 to 4 times

  2. I know a clan that copied you. The leader is called TSF Desire on xbox please contact them and tell them

  3. Is there any mw2 clans for xbox i can join? Im beast at quickscoping and ok at trickshotting. Add my GT: Creed Fades im currently in a clan but we dont do much.


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