Fernando Torres’ 81 Liverpool Goals 2007/2011 | QuickfireGoals Episode #7

Subscribe! – Episode #7 shows that El Nino can score, with Fernando Torres’ 81 Goals for Liverpool in 142 Appearances from 2007/2011. Fernando made a terrific start to his career in Liverpool scoring against Chelsea countless times, but has failed to make an impact since joining them in 2011/12 for his first full season at Chelsea. There are many jokes about Torres not being able to score, but those people will regret it when he does start scoring on a regular basis. Extra Tags 😉 2007/08 2007/2008 07/08 33 Goals 2008/09 2008/2009 08/09 17 Goals 2009/10 2009/2010 09/10 22 Goals 2010/11 2010/2011 10/11 9 Goals 1 Goal 2011/12 2011/2012 11/12 4 Goals FT9 El Nino 2007/2011 Justin Bieber meets Fernando torres miss vs Man United vs Chelsea Manchester Utd vs genk top 10 goals chelsea goal misses open goal song liverpool miss vs blackburn miss vs man u goal vs swansea mayonnaise red card Atletico Madrid the kop

25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres’ 81 Liverpool Goals 2007/2011 | QuickfireGoals Episode #7

  1. I was looking forward to seeing Suarez and torres up front together, but no it wasn’t to be, he betrayed us for the chelsea rent boys :'(

  2. You see thats the player Chelsea wanted, but they’ll never ever in a million years get THAT Torres we had…

  3. This guys a legend even tho i hope he stayed
    At liverpool. Give me goosebumps of joy wen i c vintage el nino!! 🙂

  4. just wait til next season with hazard and mata feeding him the ball and a solid place in the team. people say he is still shit but he ripped up bayern munchen in the final when he came on, if he played the whole game he would of scored.

  5. Am i the only only praying he returns to this type of form…I want him to become Chelsea ALL time goal scorer…impossible is nothing

  6. @Cyansb how has he you fool, he’s scored 7 times against Chelsea and scored 13 goal for us. Goodbye Livershit!

  7. he was a perfect striker when he was on form, here’s hoping he gets back to it, such a joy to watch..


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