23 thoughts on “TERA Online – First Official Game Trailer

  1. i find it funny how all the rage is on korean games, then again, it doesn’t seem possibel to play anything on japanese and chinese art is so……and american is not worth mentioning

    top games i see are either jap or kor. heck i play(ed) mabinogi so this game looks pretty awesome

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  3. While this can’t hold a candle to GW2, I might actually try this until GW2 comes out, anything to get away from runes of rogues…err i mean runes of magic xD

  4. @N0N4M0 It’s definitely going to be monthly payment for subscription but no one knows if you’ll have to buy the game on top of that.

  5. Seen Both and have been waiting more then a year. All look better then WoW. For the fact of no % for hit rate. Its skill to kill not 11111111111112 I win. Lol


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