22 thoughts on “All 168 Steven Gerrard Goals 1999-2012

  1. its a travesty that a gerrard is going to finish his career without winning a league medal.this boy would get in any world 11 in any decade..okay his legs are going now but thats because hes been carrying liverpool for a decade.he can do everything.how many goals did he score from outside the box?..tight angles,one touch,the power,the precision.his passing range,his tackles,headers,crossing.gerrard gets me off my feet in the same way messi does..legend

  2. Find me a player who has scored better goals than gerrard in their career. Gerrard is absolutely class and is one of the best midfielders in the last 10 years

  3. i knew i would see a stupid comment like that , tap ins no chance SCREAMERS yes . half of dem are penalties think you need to watch the video again bud .

  4. Got to say he’s an absolute badass goalscorer! look how many times he hit the exact left top corner…from a united fan btw 🙂


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