PSG “MOSI 〜もっとMCが増えたならREMIX〜 feat. WAX, RAU DEF, alled”

Unreleased Special Remix from “DAVID” “MOSI 〜もっとMCが増えたならREMIX〜 feat. WAX(SD JUNKSTA), RAU DEF (RAC A SET), alled(BLYY) ” Thanx to : WAX, RAU DEF, alled!!! *Release Information 2010 SLACK LIMITED REMIX EP “BUDA SPACE” (LIMITED EDITION) 2010.6.23 RELEASE NEW EP “SWES SWES CHEAP” (LIMITED EDITION) 2010.8.4 RELEASE予定LABEL : DOGEARRECORDS ______________ WAX (SD JUNKSTA) 1ST ALBUM “神成り” 2010.7.21 RELEASE LABEL : YUKICHI RECORDS ______________ RAU DEF (RAC A SET) 1ST ALBUM “ESCALATE” 2010 9.10 RELEASE予定LABEL : FILE RECORDS ______________ alled (BLYY) BLYY……True no school HIPHOP posse since 2001. 12inch original vinyl will be spinned out on the street this autumn, and full album coming later… ______________ PUNPEE Original Mix CD Comming Summer ?! ______________

14 thoughts on “PSG “MOSI 〜もっとMCが増えたならREMIX〜 feat. WAX, RAU DEF, alled”

  1. 全員うますぎて鳥肌たった
    そん中でもやっぱRAU DEF頭ひとつ抜けてる

  2. こんな高揚感は久々だ、お前らみたいなやつを待ってたぜPSG!

  3. これのどこがラップなの。。。?w
    Ahhh, comon how is this the straight fire man, the track is pretty trippy but maaan rap is all about rhyme and freestyle and sht man. wake up japan! lol


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