23 thoughts on “Thierry Henry Top 25 goals

  1. fuck cantona. fuck drogba. fuck rooney. fuck torres. fuck gerrard. fuck scholes. fuck giggs. fuck beckham. fuck vidic. THIS IS THE BEST PLAYER TO EVER GRACE THE PREMIER LEAGUE.

  2. How i miss the 2000’s players, Zidane, Henry, Kahn, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Keane, Van Der Sar, Beckham, Bergkamp, Raul, Inzahgi, Schmeichel, Figo, Ferdinand, Lampard, Owen, Shearer, Terry, Scholes, Del Piero and so many more

  3. Even the youtubes national anthen does not need to be disliked when henry is scoring beautiful goals


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