David Beckham – all 85 Manchester United goals!

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23 thoughts on “David Beckham – all 85 Manchester United goals!

  1. Growing up Beckham was my hero and looking back at this I couldn’t see why he wasn’t. The man is pure class and brought a lot of light to football. The only reason I trained as a mid fielder was because of him, the only reason I had the hair cut was because of him. I would love to thank him personally for the inspiration.
    what a guy…

  2. Never needed to dribble because of his passing. Corners and free kicks were leathel when Beckham was taking them. Still think he could play for England. Put him on with 15 minutes to go and every corner and free kick will be dangerous. Im just sayin

  3. I wish we had never let him go. It hurts a little to think of what we could have been if we kept him as our main man.

  4. schemeichel, neville, stam, vidic, irwin, beckham, keane, scholes, giggs, cantona, rooney. unbeatable.

  5. Probably beckham, maybe ronaldo from long range, but since ronaldo is an amazing header beckham would probably take them


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