22 thoughts on “How to set SMART goals

  1. Greetings!
    First, thanks for this video! I am the leader of a band where three other guys look to me to pilot our musical career toward a goal of “Thousands of screaming fans”. After watching this video, (which I’ll be sending to them because I like what you’re teaching and well…yeah..you’re hot), we, unlike a lot of bands, actually communicate with each other. With this method, we can more effectively divide and conquer to achieve our goal by playing to each of our strengths and abilities.

  2. Bah, people keep changing what SMART means – and what about people who don’t work in an organisation but are going for projects in their own right? What then? Eh? Answer that one why don’t you.

  3. Great Video Erica, Any ideas on How to Achieve a Funding Goal for a Pozible Crowd Sourcing Project??? Go to Pozible.com.au and look up Car sales Tube to see if you have any ideas that could help?

  4. Thank you, it was amazing. The main goal and the divisions to acheive it could be visualized as a river and it’s tributaries.

  5. i really Loved this Lady ! she s talented and Intellectual person, and i studied from her alot of things that i didn’t study all my lecturers in the University……………Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw Thank u so much Erica Olsen

  6. yes, you are right, that is one way. But, best practices that we have found in business world, “action” is king and “responsibility” ensures action. It is a slight twist, but it works better in our opinion.

  7. A stands for attainable, means don’t set goal that will impossible to achieve and R stands for realistic. Mao ni among pirminting lalisan sa amo mga student.


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