“The Mystery of Love” by TSF (SynthPop)

HI! 🙂 New composition this lovely day. This composition features the Roland Jupiter-8, Roland D-50 and the Yamaha Motif-6 and Korg Emx-1 drum machine. Danielle: Jupiter-8: bass and string patch (split at C3). D-50: New synth “Bright 80s” Crystal: Yamaha Motif-6: Lead electric guitar

23 thoughts on ““The Mystery of Love” by TSF (SynthPop)

  1. Holy shit! i fuckin love this!!! That synth riff is amazing and look at you pluggin away at the pitch wheel. I love the “WHAM!-Esque drum machine beat” I would say this song sounds to me like Wham!, Tangerine Dream and Depeche Mode had a wild threesome. Are you girls based out of NY? If so, I’d wanna see you guys play out or talk more music.

  2. Il love, what else !
    It ‘s great. Your record are goods. Congratulations. It’s nice to see you together. I play piano too and I would have like to share this passion with my brother…
    Continue !

  3. Hi SynthFreq, I came across your channel and watched a few clips. I’m amazed that you own so many old vintage synths and know how to play them. It’s great fun when your sister also plays along, and I can clearly see that you are an enthusiastic player! After a while the music begins to repeat and I’d love to see eh hear more different sounds and melodies. Guess that’ll make the music even more inspiring. Keep it up, you girls are musically gifted! 😀

  4. Hello!! Is there any way i can buy or download your songs? Please let me know? They are awesome!!:)

  5. HI 🙂 my synths were all found at pawn shops. D-50, QX-3 seq., Emax SE, CZ-5000 were from the same pawn shop & in bad shape. The Juno (which is in extremely fragile shape) & JV-880 were bought online for cheap since they both are physically fragile. Juno-1 nearly falls apart if I move it or pick it up. I bought them while in college. All of them had to be repaired by me but all are functioning now and loved to pieces. 🙂

  6. How did can you afford, let alone come accross, all this awesome vintage equipment!? Did you loot an e-waste depot in Japan 20 like years ago, or something??

  7. Hi , what can i say? Excellent in a word 🙂 As I just got 80’s feeling again…your pitch bending performance was awesome like a guitar 🙂 Thank you and you too very much 🙂 Hope get more awesome in future. Take care.

  8. Another great piece Danielle! Love it! Your work always has that rhythm Im looking for in music. 🙂

  9. HI 🙂 Yes I prefer the older pitch bend wheels with a tight spring. The joystick type is tricky to control although the Jupiter-8s pitch bend assembly is the nicest I’ve tried. It’s smooth, almost liquid. I never use the Mod wheel with the synths. The ‘lfo’ effect is physically controlled to whatever speed is needed for the lead style. My technique is to bend notes as transition + vibrato kind of thing. I try to play as realistically as I can to how a true guitar might sound.


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