Why We Should Set Goals

www.successpowered.com – We must set goals in order to achieve the success you want, regardless of the kind of endeavor you undertake. The goals provide a sense of direction and purpose. You cannot get from point A to point B if you do not have a plan. The success or failure of achieving anything is defining goals and working towards them. Everyone has goals even if they do not think they have them. From going to work in the morning to paying bills – these are goals. The ones that are used to further careers or provide a lifestyle that is more comfortable are inspiring goals. Feeling compelled to work toward achieving something that will make a difference is an admirable goal. For the majority, plodding through life and going with the flow does not provide the attainment of life-altering goals. When people realize the importance of setting goals that will bring about change for the better, they are happier. Choose the path your life will take by deciding what you want and going after it. The minute that you begin to set goals, your life will change. When working towards the goals you have set, this allows you to change your future. Without this prospect, there would not be great athletes, artists, entertainers, novelists or scientists. All of these people set goals and dedicated themselves to achieving them. One reason that many people decide to “do something more” and change their lives is because they are dissatisfied with the current situation. How many people have


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