TSF SHELL V1.4.0 Introduces Video

TSF SHELL V1.4.0 What’s New: 1.Screen Editor. Innovated interactive mode to manage your screens, including increasing extended screen number, changing the order of screens, quick-clearing screen, Home Screen settings(go back to the Home Screen by tapping BACK button) . 2.3D Transition Effects Option (adding dimension to normal transition effects). 3.Switch between landscape and portrait on HD devices and Tablet PC. 4.Send Feedback item added to Settings menu. 5.Desktop Configuration Backup feature (to backup and to recover desktop layout and settings). 6.Props Animation Status Switch (default off to save energy). Improved: 1.Switch button for screens minimizing when idle. 2.Rendering speed for some Samsung models. 3.Accuracy of touchscreens. 4.Support all resolution wallpaper resolving deformation and distortion issue in previous versions. Resolved: 1.Black screen issue of some device models when go back to TSF Shell after using some applications. 2.Android widget refresh error. 3.Fix Some bugs.

21 thoughts on “TSF SHELL V1.4.0 Introduces Video

  1. you know, I thinks this us extremely cool, but it would be about 10x more sellable if you could just swipe to go through screens

  2. i seen in one of their videos that it does work with live backgrounds. maybe your device just isn’t compatible with live wallpapers? i dont know..

  3. All of the other launchers try to copy each other and have no innovation, with the exception of SPB Shell, but even they lack serious features and go way overboard with 3d. They show off a new technology in software, but it doesn’t mean it’s the best way to use it.

  4. still waiting for this to become available for my TRANSFORMER PRIME! =) i can understand why you guy’s are waiting on releasing this for tablets. it has to be optimized for tablets, both performance wise, to remove the phone and SMS features, and to efficiently utilize the extra UI space.. i’ve seen someone use it on a galaxy tablet, i haven’t dared to use this on my transformer prime because i don’t want my tablet to stop working. this is by far the most innovative launcher i’ve seen.

  5. No soporta fondos animados.(por eso tiene esa mierda de los fantasmas y las calabazas)
    No soporta widgets con scroll (los necesito en mi vida, siempre)
    Necesita un tip para activar y desactivar el lazo de selección, muchas veces haces cosas sin querer.

  6. Very nice. Just needs some more of the little animated props. The clouds are cool but a few more would be awesome.

  7. Application needs:

    Add an unlimited number of applications into folders.

    Support of live backgrounds.

    Hide applications that are transferred from the main interface to the selected window.

    Application consumes a lot of battery power I hope to try to improve it.

    Add The Slide Map

    Resize The Widgets

  8. This is all well and good but I’m still waiting for being able to put book marks on a screen n live wall papers working as they should.

  9. Im betting, this is gonna be like thier last release,, with only half of the shown features work,,,, what a rip off


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