18 thoughts on “Great goals

  1. hey very nice video…pls watch this video

    on the best goals in champions league semifinal


  2. I also just like all of them except for the one by Rooney and all the other ones that are by teams i hate like the roberto carlos but i loved Zidane

  3. Loved the Stoke City bicycle kick and the goal from Maradona and the goal where the guy scored with the word IVECO right next to the track and i like the goal right after that one

  4. did you just get proven wrong? yh you did. why are tryin to mug me off with gay insults that dont even make sense? ‘when you dad cum on it’ ? what the fuck does that mean you retard. troll is a gay word aswell you fuckin prick.

  5. i know the goal your talkng about you diot, but 1:31 is not it. your fuckn blind and downs syndrome look at it! the guy is white how can it be seedorf. look at seedorfs goal on youtube then look at this goal at 1:31 and you wll see how dumb you are.


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