22 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Stupid Goals

  1. i can’t even remember writing my comment lol, but upon revision of the video, I would say what’s wrong with the title is that NONE of the goals are stupid. A couple are perhaps a bit lucky and number 4 in particular is just a regular goal that happens to hit both posts but is a good strike and in no way stupid :P. Also as a top 5, there are plenty of goals that would qualify as MORE stupid than the ones in this video lol. A more appropriate question might be what ISN’T wrong with the title? 😛

  2. for number 1… i was thinking the whole time.. sighs women soccer.. then at the end i realized it was the 70s

  3. instant mute, didn’t even hear the song – just saw 009 sound system in the corner of my eye


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