The ManDroid Show #19: TSF Shell Launcher gave me a face lift

Hello my Android friends. Thank you as always for clicking into another episode of the ManDroid Show. Love you guys. Leave a comment down below with anything you want to talk about or a hot nerdy you want me to showcase. 🙂 Website: Twitter: Facebook: G+ page: Other AT&T wants to charge developers: AT&T pulling back on throttling unlimited users: CM9 rebranded to Apollo: TSF Shell Launcher released: Healthey does of Samsung Galaxy S III rumors: Samsung Galaxy S III to have 4.8 display: HTC VIvid getting ICS update: ASUS padfone 3-in-1: Samsung Beam projection phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 announced: T-Mobile getting HTC one: Samsung announces Galaxy Tab 10. 2: AT&T getting the HTC one X: Erncon Beta multiplayer shooter: Unofficial VLC video player: Beats Audio mod for all Gingerbread ROMs: ICS camera without ICS:

19 thoughts on “The ManDroid Show #19: TSF Shell Launcher gave me a face lift

  1. Those specs are not believable, since the Exynos could can’t use LTE. This is why the US version on the Note has Qualcomm chip.

  2. It is a zip file you download from XDA and flash through your CWM. Check out the article and you will understand.

  3. Thanx for the game suggest and stay off the mocha, and due coke like the rest of us… cola, yea coke cola… just cola (wipes nose)

  4. I sure hope the rumors about T-Mobile getting Tegra 3 model are true. My upgrade from my G2 is not up until October but imagine what will be available then if T-Mobile gets Tega 3 in a couple months.

  5. good show man, love your quirky ass…. figuratively speaking…im married…to a woman, sooooo…yaa…….

  6. As far as the tabs i think asus and leveno have the best tablets. It makes sense cause they make computers not phones, with the exception of the padfone


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