The Most Beautiful Goals in History

GreenNebula (Life Mecca) NOW Comment, Rate and SHARE and DOWNLOAD “Feather” EFECTO PURO song enjoy link 🙂 A great video mix that contains each of the best goals from the greatest players in history…PELE, MARADONA, ZIDANE, RONALDINHO,ETC…

22 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Goals in History

  1. at 3:00 is the keeper retarded if it looks like its going for a goal kick you dont just walk out ur goal to get it unless you no your going to get it why would you leave your whole goal exposed

  2. Here you have a show of goals from Pelé and his skills. For sure some of his golas should be listed as the most beautiful in history. Enjoy! /watch?v=PsTribdZBQU

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  4. Most beautiful goals in history? haha I don’t know what matches you have seen. But the most are just random and i guess you are not a guy from the netherlands.. How can you forget players like Van Basten, Cruijf, Seedorf, and more..

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  6. maradona at 1:10 that goal was hand ball i know because i watch the video referee didn t see the hand ball if you don t belive me watch this video at


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