Black Ops PSG Streak Dual com w/Prod

Please like the video if you enjoy it, both of our montages should be coming out soon so get pumped. Make sure to go check out the dual com on my brothers channel we talk about BO 2 Sniping Dual Commentary My last video —————— Amazing!! 73 Kill AS50 Gameplay

12 thoughts on “Black Ops PSG Streak Dual com w/Prod

  1. Steve kicked started my channel i had 100 subs before the 2 shout outs and after both shout outs i had around 800, but snipinator has helped me out so much with all the challenges he did and sniper of the week so overal snipe has helped me out more but i am great full to both of them and will never forget how much they helped me 🙂

  2. do u and steve still battle to the death lol ?? just out of curiosity did u get more exposure from steves shout-outs or from tes/snipinator?

    Check out my newest montage where Black ops and MW3 clash in a battle to the death … who won ???? whos next?? u decide … EPIC COD BATTLES OF HISTORYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! BEGIN!!!! lol


  3. sick gameplay , love that jungle spot looking at C dom from the barrel, looking forward to these montages im sure the clips will be as good as ever


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