2NE1 Park Bom’s New Single “Don’t Cry” Now Available on The song has contrasting musical parts, Boms’ vocals with the soothing piano and then Boms’ vocals with the club beat background, which create a great mix. The MV is themed after a lost love, and plays out like a short movie of another meeting with her (Park Bom’s) love.

25 thoughts on “PARK BOM – DON’T CRY M/V [HD]

  1. @2ne1Shady Oh Yeah I Remember that!!! haha Awwws Bommie you Entertain us with one Sentance at a time lol ^_^

  2. @2ne1Shady
    i think both guys died and this guy just dies AND leaves her so she can move on …
    i think she just has bad luck finding guys that’s in good health .. LOL


  3. @hyperteenage xXx2NE1TruthxXx already answered you how it is,, but i still have to add something. In her pre-debut photos etc. she’s younger so facial features are softer.. and a ‘lil chubbier :> which makes her look cute :3

  4. I seriosuly can’t understand why this video does not have a billion hits considering I listen to it about a million times a day…just saying.

  5. some blackjacks misundertsand me and got mad, sorry, i said before that “i think i sound better than bom” i didn’t even said that i am a better singer, i just THOUGHT that i SOUND better than her. Sorry again.

  6. @hyperteenage From pre debut pics, the only thing that changed was her nose & eyelids (i have tons of her pre debut pics if you’re curious). She has Lymphadenitis, she talked about it on 2ne1tv it makes her face look swollen which is why her cheeks change often. Her facial features look the same here as they did in 2009 in her You and I video; her nose, lips, chin, etc.. If you watch 2ne1tv you’ll see she can move her face perfectly fine. Also Koreans love Bom, she has the largest fanbase.

  7. @emonjoaah as you can see she can hardly move her face specially here lips its very obvious that her face is plastic plus she changed a lot compare her old pics she looks very different her nose, eyes, lips, cheeks, chin.. plus many korean didn’t prefer Bom most koreans prefer dara coz they know dara has natural beauty…

  8. You guys, go to TheEllenShow’s Channel and vote for 2ne1 to come on her show. Which ever K-pop band wins gets to go to america to be on her show. But only 1. VOte for 2ne1!!


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