2NE1 – UGLY [HD]

2NE1’s NEW digital single “UGLY” M/V The strong guitar riff carries this song’s mood throughout the entire song. With a mix of Rock and Elec. “UGLY” is the perfect addictive summer song which has refreshing chorus melody! Download 2NE1’s 2nd mini album on iTunes: itunes.apple.com Get this album@ YGeshop: ygeshop.com

25 thoughts on “2NE1 – UGLY [HD]

  1. THE MV for this song should be a STORY!! __It just doesnt match with the message of the song, there should be another MV for this.

  2. this song was a gift to their japanese fans….which is why they’re dressed in the downtown gangster japanese style. but i think, 2NE1 made that style even cooler!

  3. this song is fuhreakin amazin. the other poppy superficial korean songs should be totally knocked down by this song.

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  5. Here are my theories as to why MV view count is slow:
    1. MV did not much the epic-ness of the song. MV is okay, but could have been better. I had great xpectation since this is supposedly their most xpensive MV.
    2. Some conservative fans didnt like the fact that MV shows the girls trespassing, vandalizing the place, and spraying paints on another human being just like they are gangsters (like they are hating on the plastics) which, i think is not the message of the song.
    PEACE, BJ here.

  6. 2NE1 is my favorite girl kpop band. They’re so different from others. They’re not like all girly girly but has their own unique style with them and each member has their own personality that you can recognize and that’s what make them the best 🙂
    Go 2NE1!!!!

  7. @ThePrettieminnie but in 2ne1 theres only one person, in snsd theres like everybody except seohyun who also did something to her eyebags:) and dara, she didnt have any surgery but is pretty like hell, inside and out!:)

  8. @THERANDOMNESS84 well,, Bom is actually the prettiest… Dara is cute… CL and Minzy are ordinary looking girls… if they are not from 2NE1 i bet youll say the same thing…

  9. @ToadStoolxX the vid is just slowed down to represent the lyrics more but the live version is faster and more club popping although it still represent the lyrics well lol

  10. This is one of the most touching songs EVER. 2NE1 TRULY Connected with every female everywhere. From Korea, to the states, & everywhere else.
    I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m really touched by this.

  11. @hannahtrinh Uhm no one is saying that stuff anymore o.O we got over it and now we ignore these sort of comments so unless you WANT to start a fan war don’t post these kinds of messages or you *will* start a fan war

  12. @imashleighla i dunno…this is the only mv experiencing this kind of crap….this mv should be in 10 million views even this is the re-uploaded one . . . . the views of the other 2ne1 MVs are rapidly increasing…but this one..maybe something fishy is happening

  13. @LaVaDi0121 ikr? shes fuckin fierce. she leaves me spechless with her vocals. i also LOVE dara. when i heard how there were some people who thought she couldnt sing, i was like, “WUUUUUUUT? WTF?” i got sooo mad. but yeah, i truely love them them all and their #1 in my girl group bands x3


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