Classic Game Room – MISSILE COMMAND iPad review

Classic Game Room reviews MISSILE COMMAND for iPad, part of the Atari’s Greatest Hits collection available for download in the Apple iTunes store. The Atari Greatest Hits collection is a free app for your iPad and comes with Missile Command, so this game is (as of this review), FREE! Play the 80’s arcade classic Missile Command with the touch screen recreated trak-ball or filp the iPad horizontally to play with your finger acting as the cursor. Sadly, Missile Command on the iPad fails to live up to the awesome experience of playing Missile Command with a Trak-Ball. Fans of Atari classics can also cheaply purchase additional Atari 2600 games and arcade classics for Atari’s Greatest Hits like Yars’ Revenge, Swordquest Waterworld and Crystal Castles… but once you see the fumbling controls of Missile Command you may just want to break out your real Atari 2600 instead. CGR video review shows gameplay of Missile Command played on iPad with touch screen controls replicating the arcade track ball from the Missile Command arcade videogame.