Classic Game Room – HAL 21 review

Classic Game Room reviews HAL 21, a Playstation Mini for PS3 & PSP from SNK Playmore. This arcade SHMUPS style space ship shooter from SNK was released in 1985 and should appeal to fans of Namco’s Xevious. This insanely difficult vertical scrolling SHMUP space ship shooter on Playstation 3 (and PSP) has an old school “Xevious” style with basic weapons and bombs for ground targets. Enemy patterns are fast and erratic and players will need to memorize and shoot for points and extra lives to stay alive. Sadly HAL 21 does not have 2 player co-op gameplay, even though it says so on the screen. No two player coop gameplay in a space ship shooter!? Boo! Aside from that Hal 21 is a solid, affordable videogame with explosions, space ships and laser beams with ultra-challenging gameplay on PS3 and PSP.