Pokemon Trading Card Game Online: Game 3 – Calvin

Check out the live stream video here – www.twitch.tv Subscribe To The Show ► www.youtube.com You can play too @ pokemontcg.com Want Pokemon cards? Then check out thetoybase.com Want cheap Pokemon Booster Pack Codes? Then Check out: thetoybase.com Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – Game 3 – Calvin Below is my Basic Blue Deck List Pokemon: 3x Squirtle 3x Totodile 3x Croconaw 1x Feraligatr 4x Horsea 2x Seadra 1x Kingra 3x Teddiursa 4x Eevee 2x Vaporeon Trainer: 2x Energy Switch 1x Full Heal 2x Pokemon Circulator 2x Potion Supporter: 2x Bill 2x Engineer’s Adjustments Energy: x22 Water I unlocked Vaporeon for winning. Check out the links below: Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: facebook.com My Secretary: youtube.com

19 thoughts on “Pokemon Trading Card Game Online: Game 3 – Calvin

  1. i dont really know now, since i didn’t play bcuz of the maintainance LOL but she is tough i think Metal and Darkness….idk 😀 peace

  2. @CoreyMLG I’ll sub.i use to watch for zombies, u had  Martin and them, seems Like ages ago. Idk guys Like uberhaxornova and slyfoxhound can make any game fun.  Ur sooo mellow

  3. when you play against the leagues you can use basic red, green, and blue, when you play online you can only use yellow, once you unlock all 12 unlocks with the red, green, and blue, you can then use them online.


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