♠ Drakensang – Online – Ep00 Game Introduction, ft. Hexpigge! – WAY➚

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12 thoughts on “♠ Drakensang – Online – Ep00 Game Introduction, ft. Hexpigge! – WAY➚

  1. i know i is and tgnRPG i have a game that i wana play with you its called DarkOrbit my name on it is -Rapid-2 i wana see me and you on youtube and i can record too!

  2. After more than one year I do take you seriously sometimes also that expression of fuck cracked me up =D missed that from you

  3. its free on browser =). You can pay for items though. I really look forward to Hex covering this, he’s a hardcore drakensang fan =D

  4. This Is A YouTube Show! See The Full ⇝★Drakensang⇜ Show, Check The Video Description For More!!!

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