25 thoughts on “[freejack]Free Running/Yamakasi Online Game[KR]

  1. the game is free but theres only 10 people on tops the game is deserted completly i want it to be popular so i dont have to wait for a match to finish to enter plz play it

  2. erasing anything, really, there is too much awesomeness on those tricks, i dont feel like pointing everysingle one of them, if you played the actual Freejack online you must know what you can do that is here, and all the awesome, crazy stuff you cant, well 2nd versions are not allways better

  3. tell you this way, the first guy, looks like Jin, the second like Freejack, the girl, dunno, u guess. the point was to make the game more simple, the speed of the chars here, they look slow, the graphics are a ok but still, the new ones are better IMO, but yes, i loved those balance systems and those tricks, just to begin the race 0:41 OMFG all the tricks are awesome, but well, taking a look at this, you can see that they could have made an epic game, just with improving, not

  4. It’s impossible to make changes to turn something brilliant into complete shit. The game never looked or functioned like shown in this video. I mean, it’s possible, but what would be the point?

  5. just take a second and look at that bloody date when the video was posted, this is the old freejack, now the game looks faster, even when it has not the elements as this version, this would be, free running yamakashi, then the final game, that i hope gets the update on the servers im playing cause i want most of the chars, is this “final version” with “” cause looks like an ugly beta full of bugs and missing stuffs

  6. 1:05
    Red shirt dude:Oh no you won’t beat me!
    The other dude!I will break that window!
    *Hits the wooden middle*
    Red shirt dude:Dude!Are you F*cking retarded?!>_>


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