20 thoughts on “[Korea Online Game] ‘HUXLEY’, New Promotion Movie

  1. Shutup. The women are actually rather well armored in this game. Unlike most games that would put them in thongs and pantyhose.

  2. why is it that the men are so heavily armored and chicks get to show more skin in these kinds of games?…. honestly I find this sexist.

  3. Remember when you could watch a video without having to sit through a commercial?

    Remember when music videos were uploaded by users and not VEVO

    Remember when all the info was to the right of the video?

    Remember you could rate a video 1-5 stars?

    Remember the famous yellow subscribe button?

    Remember when the users controlled the site and now corporations?


    Post this in every video and lets start a youtube revolution!

  4. there is nothing wrong having boobs in game and plus most american are not from america they just buy them off Koreans and Japaneses

  5. if you mean lame games like aion and the mmo that all they show is boobs and half nudes girls ya they do make the best mmo -.- this game is never coming out now it switch over to webzen and not even out yet.

  6. DUDE WHEN DOES THIS GAME COME OUT. I was in the beta years ago, and they have been working on this game for almost a decade. Hurry the F$(@ Up Seriously…..

  7. and they still cant even compete with all the asian games >.> our shit is jus mad lame compared to them bro, they had shit like the kinect like 5 years before us no joke

  8. crysis 2 ,battlefield 3,call of duty black ops,mass effect 3,dead space 2,bioshock 2,left 4 dead 1,left 4 dead 2,counter striker series,portal1,portal 2 ,gta series .starcraft 2 ,starcraft 1,world of warcraft all of this is the best of USA and Europe.


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