21 thoughts on “Best goals ever! Curl, Bend, Curve

  1. What the fuck is with all these retards saying “where is cisse?”. This video was made 5 YEARS AGO. Its not like the person who made this could find a video of a future goal fuckwits

  2. :22 Nelinho V Italy World Cup `78 3rd/4th place play off match….I remember seeing it live on TV as a 6 yr old and then after the match I went outside into the street where i tried to recreate the shot but the ball flew into our neighbours garden and their dog ripped it to shreds and then i didnt have a ball any more and i cried for 3 weeks until my mammy bought me a new ball but i wasn`t allowed to try any crazy bender shots with it.

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  4. hey nice video pls watch this video about child labour in india…
    pls fight against child labour



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