25 thoughts on “Eden Hazard – HZ26 – Skills and Goals

  1. kagawa statics may look better than hazard but he spend 3 seasons in japanese league unlike hazard who is lille at the start from a better league. but 2 seasons of kagawa is good though.

  2. made me laugh when hazard said ill join the UEFA champions. like chealsea deserved to be champions…they are only champions in record…they played like shit and won which is sad

  3. maybe if you learnt how to spell properly i might understand your comment. By the way what did united win this season? Exactly.

  4. shows how stupid u r u dumb fuck your wrong chelsea offer higher wage faggot so stfu chelsea is still shit compare to united go fuck ur self

  5. stfu u ugly brit get a life u wayne rooney looking and i say that because its true he went to chelsea for money dumb ass haha

  6. Eden Hazard has been ruled out of the Community shield between Man city & Chelsea as his head may not fit in the villa park doors.


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