Argentina vs Brazil 4-3 All Goals & Highlights – International Friendly 9.6.2012 HD

COMMENT LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! Brazil 3 x 4 Argentina – Goals and Highlights – The Americas Superderby, Friendly On 23 Brazil went ahead when Romulo was given a scandalous amount of room from a Neymar free-kick. Lionel Messi equalised after a great through ball from Gonzalo Higuain on 31. Three minutes later it was 2-1 as Lionel Messi slotted home after being set free again. On 56 Oscar equalised for Brazil with a clipped finish after a 1-2 with Damiao. A Romero blunder saw Hulk turn in Brazil’s third on 72. The lead lasted just four minutes as Federico Fernandez made it 3-3 with a header from a corner. 4-3 Amazin goal Lionel Messi lavezzi fernando gago real madrid scored hattrick freekick unbelviable seleccao pele maradona rivalry el clasico manchester united real madrid fc barcelona manchester city sergio aguero angel di maria copa libertadores santos pele neymar lucas moura nuri sahin romelu fantastic season copa del rey liga bbva serie a premier leauge longshit fifa 12 fut argentina squad fut 12 brazil squad amazing goals freekicks talent shot power strength euro 2012 germany mario gomez miroslav klose mano mendez trasnfer hulk thiago silva lucio maicon dani alves julio cesar inter fc porto corinthians Friendly Netherlands vs Spain WM WC Finale Netherlands vs Germany WM WC Finale Germany vs Spain Uruguay vs Netherlands Spain vs Paraguay 1:0 Argentina vs Germany 0:4 Uruguay vs Ghana 5:3 Netherlands vs Brazil 2:1 Spain vs Portugal 1:0 Paraguay vs Japan 5:3 Brazil vs Chile

22 thoughts on “Argentina vs Brazil 4-3 All Goals & Highlights – International Friendly 9.6.2012 HD

  1. I am bored. And I am tired of seeing the same type of people doing the same type of things everyday without giving a rest. Same old arguments with no truth.

  2. Unfortunately, most of these fans that support these spanish clubs and these players are terrorist muslims and rapist who have nothing else to do and no real clubs to support.

  3. haha yes i think it was U-23 olympic team
    i wonder what would happen if brazil plays with all their football stars
    against argentina U-23

  4. being surrounded by 6 man defence, where was ronaldo today?? and last season when messi did the quadruple????

  5. But have they replicated the form they could have within the EPL. You do not understand my argument. You think I am trashing messi, what I am saying is can he live up to the physical demands? The top tier of english football play more tactical football replicating the best of the club you support (RM/Brca im guessing), that is obvious.But why is it that even a club with the resources of City struggle tremendously at periods of their campaign.Arsenal and United dont represent the EPL as a whole.

  6. This year for Argentina he’s scored 7 goals and had 1 assist in 3 games! He has broken every record, won every trophy, every tournament he can (except for the world cup, but I don’t think you understand he can’t win it all alone) and you’re still so biast against him. You either have a good reason not to think he’s the best or you’re stupid.

  7. Its funny.This is how you fanboys fight back? Ronoldo in his last season had a 1:2 goals to games ratio, and in his best season he had less than 1:1 ratio in the EPL wheras he consistently had significantly more than 1:1 in laliga the past 2 seasons.I dont know why but for the sake of winning the argument,you fanboys take everything so literal,its disgusting. When I say measured,I mean among the best that ever played and perhaps to this current generation as well.I dont favor ronoldo over messi.

  8. Aguero, Silva and Mata seem to have done rather well in the EPL, don’t you think? Your statement is just completely ridiculous, as are you. So please do yourself and everyone else a favor and take your shit deluded and pointless comments else where and don’t return. Thanks 🙂

  9. “Unlike most of the clubs in europe, and in the top of europe, the mid-and bottom are the most physical.”

    Could you please show me evidence supporting this bullshit myth sir?


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