Didier Drogba’s 157 Chelsea Goals 2004/2012 | QuickfireGoals Episode #16

The only video on YouTube to show all of Didier Drogba’s 157 Goals for Chelsea in 341 Appearances for the blues in Ep #16. This is from when he started his Chelsea FC career in 2004 up to date to 2012 when Drogba won the Champions League vs Bayern Munich with literally the last penalty kick of the game. The amount of emotion and passion he has in his goal celebrations meant i had to add them in 😀 enjoy! i mensioned KSIOlajidebt at the start, he is one of my favourite YouTubers, check him out 🙂 www.youtube.com Special thanks to CrixRonnie for letting me use the Drogba vs Bayern Munich comp to make the last part of this video 🙂 Extra Tags: Didier Drogba all goals for chelsea 150 goals vs Aston Villa Didier Drogba vs Barcelona goal vs barcelona 2012 goal vs tottenham dive top 10 goals knocked out skills 2011 funny interview free kick song drogba vs valencia drogba vs rooney ivory coast graham norton 2004/2005 2004/05 04/05 16 Goals 2005/2006 2005/06 05/06 16 Goals 2006/2007 2006/07 06/07 33 Goals 2007/2008 2007/08 07/08 15 Goals 2008/2009 2008/09 08/09 14 Goals 2009/2010 2009/10 09/10 37 Goals 2010/2011 2010/11 10/11 13 Goals 2011/2012 2011/12 11/12 13 Goals

24 thoughts on “Didier Drogba’s 157 Chelsea Goals 2004/2012 | QuickfireGoals Episode #16

  1. at 23:07 …..how do you direct a header that perfectly?! Right in the top corner! Any other spot and Bayern would have won the Champions League…..

  2. he wasn’t as good as ronaldo (brazilian) henry, shevchenko and others. But he was definitely the biggest game player I have seen.

  3. I was there for the 2006-07 Carling Cup final at the Millennium Stadium and I saw Drogba score his 59 and 60 Chelsea goals. Drogba is a beast and Chelsea legend!

  4. Drogba is not a good footballer…. not also a legend… he went more beyond it. HE’S THE GOD IN FOOTBALL WORLD. Thanks super Drog!!!. We all shall miss u big times. The joy you bring to chelsea fans is something that money can’t buy. Good luck my fren.. All the best!!!!

  5. Am I the only one that almost shed a tear watching this? This man single-handedly turned games around, AMAZING LEGEND. A blessing to us indeed

  6. I’ve been blessed to be able to witness such a great footballer become a true Chelsea legend. KTBFFH!!


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