22 thoughts on “Roland Jupiter-8 “Synthtastic!” (improvisation) by TSF

  1. wish it was availble in higher sound quality? love the part after 4:24 aswell.
    One of the better songs ive heard this year actually =)

  2. Nice collection of synths and some pretty good music there..I had no trouble listening to the whole thing..That Jupiter 8 is so cool and I like the electric piano sound that you’re getting..

  3. at least you traided it for another synth,i sold mine for a bit of cash 19yrs ago.450 quid as a matter of fact & it was in mint condition with a flight case.I could take myself out into my garden & give myself a good kicking just thinking about it now.I think thats the biggest mistake i’ve made apart from go out with the odd mentally unstable woman lol……

  4. Hi 🙂 The drums are from the Korg Emx-1, I tuned them individually.
    I look after Jupiter as if it was alive. I treat all synths with lots of love. 🙂

  5. Yeah, I actually traded my JP6 for a Kawai SX-240, because of the built-in sequencer, 2 micro procs, and 2 DCO’s. I must say that the SX-240 has been a reliable synth for almost 28 years now. The roland oscillators tho can’t be matched.


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