22 thoughts on “Roland Jupiter-8 “Synthtastic!” (improvisation) by TSF

  1. Some nice synths you have there, and you have shown they sound great too! You are both very talented.

  2. wish it was availble in higher sound quality? love the part after 4:24 aswell.
    One of the better songs ive heard this year actually =)

  3. Nice collection of synths and some pretty good music there..I had no trouble listening to the whole thing..That Jupiter 8 is so cool and I like the electric piano sound that you’re getting..

  4. at least you traided it for another synth,i sold mine for a bit of cash 19yrs ago.450 quid as a matter of fact & it was in mint condition with a flight case.I could take myself out into my garden & give myself a good kicking just thinking about it now.I think thats the biggest mistake i’ve made apart from go out with the odd mentally unstable woman lol……

  5. Hi 🙂 The drums are from the Korg Emx-1, I tuned them individually.
    I look after Jupiter as if it was alive. I treat all synths with lots of love. 🙂

  6. Yeah, I actually traded my JP6 for a Kawai SX-240, because of the built-in sequencer, 2 micro procs, and 2 DCO’s. I must say that the SX-240 has been a reliable synth for almost 28 years now. The roland oscillators tho can’t be matched.


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