Android3D UI – TSF Shell Pro 1st edition

Release date 2012-02-29 TSF Shell Pro 1st edition demo (Video Mobile HTC G10 Desire HD ,Average FPS:60) TSF side: Download in TSF Shell side : C3D Team

24 thoughts on “Android3D UI – TSF Shell Pro 1st edition

  1. Does anyone know what this new function brings in the latest update?:
    “A new 360° screen selecting mode”.

    I cant figure out wtf it does or how to enable/disable.

  2. Lower the dam price so people can buy your product
    Just think about selling 1 million copy in couple months for. 99$ versus $16 and you sell only 1000

  3. I loved the ‘cardboard moving box’ icon as folder icon; too bad that it was changed to a ‘normal’ folder icon.


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