22 thoughts on “Black Ops: Gold Guns Are Back! (Golden PSG-1)

  1. xJawz you are pro I know what you mean by wanting what the fans want I hope to see you in Black Ops 2 or I’ll just say COD9 btw people who comment stupid things like you play it for 8 days straight are just dumb I know you like to go on trips as I see on FB

  2. I do play online BTW. So ya I am young. I am a girl so maybe that is why I am so bad. Because a lot of people know that boys and men are better at video games then girls. So I am not a women. I am a girl. I really need help on my sniper shots to I want to learn how to quickscope.

  3. Your so good at Black ops I am not that good but can you help me on black ops I get more deaths then kills and I think your better then me. Can you make a Video for me to help me on my stuff. BTW my name is Kayley. And I don’t think your hacking I think they are just jealous. So may you maybe make me a video for me about how to get me better? If you can’t because people will just keep asking then I understand.

  4. Bullshit xjaws 8 days you went 14 prestiges bullshit stop lying you went to level 50 on prestige 14 in 8 days


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