Black Ops – How to Pwn – PSG-1 (Sniping Clips)

Can I get 10000 likes for the FINAL episode of Black Ops How to Pwn? 🙂 How to Pwn returns! This is a series that started over a year ago where I get a gameplay with every primary gun in the game, discuss stats, playstyles, how to use the weapon, and MOAR! For every episode of Black Ops How to Pwn, click here: Here’s the link to all Black Ops weapon stats: Here’s the link to MW2 How to Pwn: ______________________________________ If you support my channel, download the Muzzafuzza toolbar. It’s got all my links to everything that I ever do, and more: Follow the tweet0rz: ‘Like’ me on Facebook: Subscribe to my real-life channel(Vlogs, etc.) Buy a sweet-ass custom controller like mine: Buy some FPS Freeks, they’re worth it: Sign up for a free trial of Netflix, click here:

24 thoughts on “Black Ops – How to Pwn – PSG-1 (Sniping Clips)

  1. I like how treyarch wanted to kill the whole trickshot thing in this game and you get the final kill doing a 360 lmao.

  2. I Love the way you pronounce the German words 😀 .. I am German, and i can tell that it doesnt sound too Bad 🙂

  3. @MuzzaFuzzaGaming will you how to pwn videos with mw3? I am thinking about getting that game and trying out some sniping. And black ops sniping is awesome and that is what I been using the most!

  4. You stll like watching black ops vids. Go check out my channel for black ops gameplays. Check it out!

  5. now stop being a bitch and we all know u use the l96a1 so stop bitching around and just use the psg1 for one time and u will like


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