22 thoughts on “Lucy Rose – Red Face

  1. I can’t stop dreaming about her :/ it sucks that she’s my angle in my dreams but In actuality she and I holed no pardons AT&T all with each other:( last month I had a watched a video of ms. Rose singing her song Place and not even half way of the of the song goes by I caught myself singing along and then it hit me! I figured it out! I found out why this video I was watching was so familiar. It was because when I was 9 I had the video of ms. Rose’s song Place play in my dreams every night for mo

  2. Three reasons why this video shouldn’t have any dislikes:
    1) She’s smoking hot.
    2) She has a unbelieveable and unqiue voice.

  3. love that on so many people have made ‘Lucy Rose’ playlists (me included) Can’t wait for the album so I can own more of your amazing songs!

  4. This gives me shivers every single time I listen to it, without fail. And I listen to it a LOT.

  5. this is amazing live, she is amazng & perfect and also has great taste in clothes, i have this jumper :)))))

  6. i knew her through the cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Video Game” with Bombay Bicycle Club. I’m still loving her voice since.


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