25 thoughts on “[M/V] Cabi song (Caribbean Bay) 2PM & SNSD

  1. The 3 boys and girls in the start really match each other. :L
    Yoona and Taec – Populest in their band/group
    Yuri and Nichkhun – Hottest in their band/group
    Seohyun and Chansung – The Maknaes (Youngest)

  2. I would throw myself into the deep end for those 3 boys.
    How is it possible.
    For you to be the cutest boy alive.
    And then become an absolute sexy beast.
    Explain this to me :3
    NichKhun forever
    2PM Forever

  3. ไม่รอดูไร หรอกนะ จะดู หกห่อ ของ บ่ายสอง โอป้า

  4. i didnt watch the vid,i just here the song..why???because i want to hear jessica voice..and taeyoon..i hope jessica is on this vid..


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