2NE1’s NEW digital single “LONELY” M/V NOW available on iTunes: itunes.apple.com ‎[2NE1 GLOBAL EVENT] “LONELY” COVER CONTEST! Go Check It Out : www.facebook.com The digital single “Lonely” is harmonious, pleasing to listen to and great instrumentals with the acoustic guitar and accompanying string instruments. www.soompi.com

22 thoughts on “2NE1 – LONELY [HD]

  1. @kopsnijszluga 0:02 CL (leader, main rapper)
    0:12 MINZY (main dancer)
    0:23 DARA (vocalist)
    0:41 PARK BOM (main vocalist)

  2. @kopsnijszluga hi nice to hear that you is new BLACKJACK(2NE1 fanclub)

    -CL(leader,main rapper)…the blond hair colour
    -MINZY(main dancer)…the black hair colour
    -BOM(main vocalist)…the blond brown hair colour
    -DARA(vocal)…the brown hair colour with short one…

  3. let me tell you something

    -2NE1 likes in facebook from last year 700 000 and now 1,426,021
    -2NE1 views MV from last year 700 000 in oneday and now 1million oneday
    -2NE1 album ranks #7 on Billboard and now ranks #4 on Billboard WORLD.
    -2NE1 achieve all-kill only few song last year and now they become “QUEEN OF ALL-KILL” because make a history to achieve ‘PERFECT ALL-KILL’ in one album.
    ONLY 3 YEARS DEBUT…they can make history.how about 3 YEARS coming up.just support 2NE1 and never say goodbye

  4. THEIR STYLE IS HOT. HOT. HOT!!!!!! i’m not Korean but i love them!!<3

  5. Prob my favorite song by them 🙂 its the first song I think I listened thats by them. I love the vocals in this song, its both meaningful and sounds good


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